What is Electronic Serial Number

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There are so many concepts in terms of mobile communications which are worth knowing. However, it is obvious that these concepts can really be confusing for average people and that is one of the reasons that people are not fully aware of all these concepts. Electronic Serial Number is one of the things that most people don’t really know about. However, it can really be beneficial to know about these things as they serve as the basic things because of which things have evolved to a considerable amount in telecommunication industry.

Federal Communications Commission which is one of the United States Government Agency is responsible to create Electronic Serial Numbers. These numbers were created to identify different mobile devices which were used in older times. It implies that it is an older concept which is fast becoming obsolete as there are other technologies which are now available to fill up the place. However, Electronic Serial Numbers are still considered important as they have laid the foundation for new technologies to be used in this field. After the Federal Communication Commission, the Telecommunications Industry Association was the one to take charge in terms of playing an administrative role.

When it comes to Electronic Serial Number, it can really easily be defined in simple words for the convenience of people who don’t want to get in too much of hassles. An Electronic Serial Number can be considered as a packet of data which is responsible to help network to identify the phone. This data packet can also be used for billing related issues which may be associated with a certain phone. It is because of this Electronic Serial Number that people can move ahead with calling after getting approved by the network. So, it is as important as anything in terms of services that are associated with mobile technologies.

Electronic Serial Number is just similar to IMEI number and it also works in the same way. However, IMEI is associated with GSM and Electronic Serial Number is associated with AMPS and CDMA phones. As far as its format is concerned, you will find it to be as long as 32bits. Manufacturer code along with a unique serial number can easily be found. Manufacturer code will be of 8bits and serial number will be of 18bit. They can also be represented in the form of 11 digit decimal numbers. You can also find them to be presented in 8 digit hex numbers.

As mentioned earlier, that it is one of the concept which is fast coming to an end as there is a new concept which is known as Mobile Equipment ID. It is better in many ways and things are getting bleaker for Electronic Serial Number because of the effectiveness of Mobile Equipment ID. For instance, it is possible to seize the ESN/MIN Pair which means that it can really be used in some other mobile phones to make calls without paying anything. Because of such threats, the need to introduce something even better has really been culminated and that is one of the reasons that you can now see Mobile Equipment ID in the world around you.

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