What is Mobile Equipment Identifier

Published by Amit Bhawani on September 16, 2015 – 6:07 am10 Comments

Today, mobiles have really become essential. However, there are only few people who understand the basic issues associated with mobiles. For instance, there are only few people who actually understand what an IMEI number is all about. However, it is essential to mention that IMEI number can really help to reduce the issues related to mobile security as you can easily go to blacklist the IMEI number of your mobile to make it useless for others. Along with IMEI, there are lots of things that are to be understood by people to make a better use of their mobiles. Mobile Equipment Identifier which is simply known as MEID is another concept to learn.

Mobile Equipment Identifier is a number that is considered to be a unique number just like an IMEI. It is used to recognize a physical piece of CDMA mobile equipment station. When you will be looking to learn more about its format, you will come to know that it is like an IMEI number with an exception of hexadecimal digits. The length of a Mobile Equipment Identifier is about 14hex digits. Manufacturer code and serial number can easily be found in Mobile Equipment Identifier as these are the basic parts of Mobile Equipment Identifier. A serial number that may be assigned by manufacturer will be of 24 bits and manufacturer code will also be of similar bits. When it comes to hexadecimal form, you can see 14 digits to be grouped together. Check Digit is another thing that you can found in here, but, that is not considered as a part of Mobile Equipment Identifier. Check Digit is basically considered helpful to find out some input errors, but, it can not help in finding the transmission errors. Nevertheless, you will find it there and this Check Digit can be calculated by Luhn algorithm.

In terms of IMEIs and MEIDs, it is essential to learn more about the administration. Both of these things differ with one another only because of the number range. There are two administrators which are known as GDA and GHA which are the short form of the Global Decimal Administrator and the Global Hexadecimal Administrator, respectively. When someone talks about Global Decimal Administrator, you must understand that it is for IMEIs. On the other hand, the Global Hexadecimal Administrator is to assign the codes for MEIDs. TIA is worth mentioning name here as it is the one who acts as the Global Hexadecimal Administrator to deal with MEIDs.

Simply put, Mobile Equipment Identifier is used to identify mobile equipment and when it is used in coordination with IMEI, it becomes even useful. It really helps in terms of roaming and creates a nice deal of balance between 3G technologies. As the world is progressing in terms of science and technology, there are so many new things which are hitting the world on regular basis. It implies that there, surely, will be some more improvements in all the concepts associated with mobiles communications as things are evolving like anything.

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