What is a Sim Card?

Published by Amit Bhawani on August 17, 2015 – 12:54 pm4 Comments

There are lots of people who are using mobiles to make things better. If you have ever seen a mobile with GSM network, you will certainly be aware of the SIM card. In its simplest form, SIM card is the card which contains the specific information of the user who use a GSM mobile. This card contains information that is used for billing purposes. Simply put, it is like an identity card for the user who uses a GSM mobile. SIM is the short form of Subscriber Identity Module and you can easily understand its function by reading its name. Its primary function is to store information of the different users. However, there are lots of benefits that are associated with SIM card and the best one is about the portability as you can easily use another mobile by changing the SIM card. So, the things are really getting even convenient with the introduction of SIM card. However, it is essential to mention that SIM card is not just a portable memory chip as it is an amazing piece of technology that can easily amaze anyone.

For the people who are using some sorts of personal computer, this will certainly be an easy thing to understand the concept of a SIM card as it is just like a hard disk in computer. Like a hard disk, it also keeps specific data like messages, phone book and other such like information can also be found in SIM card. Also, it stores the International Mobile Subscriber Identity or simply service-subscriber key which is essential to recognize a subscriber. IMSI is used to recognize a user on their individual operator network, whereas, Integrated Circuit Card ID is used to recognize each SIM internationally. Along with these things, Authentication key (Ki) is another important term to know in terms of stored data in SIM card. Authentication key is assigned to a SIM during the personalization process. It is because of this key that you can acquire a duplicate SIM card.

When it comes to types of SIM, you can find different types of them which may differ in size. However, you can find a more compact SIM these days which may not be wider than 25mm. Along with knowing about its types, you must also learn about the SIM operating systems. Mainly, there are two types of operating systems. One is known as Native SIM and the other is known as Java Card SIM. Apparently, Java Card SIM is more sophisticated because it consists of Java Programming Language.

All in all, it can easily be concluded that SIM cards have really made the world of mobiles even attractive. Now, people can easily stay connected with their friends and family members without getting in too much of hassle. The biggest advantage of SIM cards is that you can easily obtain a new SIM while traveling to a new country. So, there are lots of advantages that can be witnessed with the introduction SIM cards.

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