Track Cell Phones with Mologogo

Published by Amit Bhawani on November 5, 2016 – 3:58 am4 Comments

Mologogo Track Cell Phones

Mologogo Track Cell Phones

This is a interesting service offered by a company called Mologogo which works based on Google Maps and shows you the current location of your mobile phone if you connect to it through your mobile. The service is based on GPS and is totally free. You need to install the application offered by the website and it will start using the inbuilt GPS service installed on your phone and spot the location of your handset, displayed in a map.

The service is currently available on Windows Mobile Phones, Blackberry and is going to soon going to be offered to Nokia Phones, Andriod , iPhone. You just need to install software, register a account and start getting tracked. You can also find out your friends if they are nearby to you similar to Google Latitude service

Features :
# See where you are and where you’ve been
# See where your friends are – and let them see you
# Keep track of employees, and vehicles
# Share your location on your own blogs or web pages
# And whatever else you dream up.

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