Tracking Cell Phones With Google Latitude

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The Google latitude is a special mobile application(location based) developed exclusively by Google. This application allows the user to allow his selected friends from his Gmail account to track his current location. Those selected friends can track him using Google maps from their Google account. The important point to note is that the user can specifically customize the details what others will see about his location , that is, he can customize the settings so that his friend can only locate his city or if he wants , his friends can locate his exact location also or u can just switch off this facility on ur mobile making u untraceable depending on ur privacy needs. The most remarkable point of latitude is that all u need is a cell phone, and a GPS network of friends, without the of any sophisticated GPS technology. The feature is started by Google by integrating its cellular triangular technology with Google maps. The advantage is that almost all phone can support it if the support Google maps.

Track Cell Phones

Track Cell Phones

Starting it on phone
Setting it on phone is very easy.All u have to do is just type ur no. in google latitude main page.If u don’t have the application just visit and install it directly on ur cell phone.Once u have the application Just click “menu” and then “latitude”.

Make a network of friends
Once u have opened the application on ur screen just start adding friends from ur gmail account.Now open the google map.Once u do so u’ll find ur own picture , location with ur email id.This map continuously updates ur location, if u r moving, depending upon the nearest cell tower.U can add as many friends as u want u can keep a track of them and they can also do the same.So when u r driving or moving around the city itself it’ll be a lot more fun.

When u click any friends picture on ur google map, u’ll get ur friends information depending on his settings.That means ur friend can track u only if u permit him.That u are choosing ur own customized privacy level.

Google latitude – Online
What more?U can now also use google latitude just using internet.U can locate on ur friends on ur laptop screen and u can update ur location so that ur friends can track u.It very cool.

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