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Published by Amit Bhawani on October 8, 2017 – 11:07 am3 Comments

You must have heard about latest F secure mobile offering of Anti-theft suite for FREE, it comes with a huge bug that this application can easily be uninstalled from your mobile phone if stolen. But not to worry, here comes the Phone Guardian which takes your phone security to a whole new level by solving that bug.

With Phone Guardian, you can easily find your mobile phone even with the help of GPS tracking system. For doing this all you need to do is to tune your internal GPS module or alternatively you can also use network based GPS.

After installing this application in your mobile phone, firstly you need to give 3 alternate numbers wherein you will be intimated about the lost phone. This mobile application comes bundled with host of value rich features including Remote mobile lock and unlock just with a simple sms, not only one but you can assign two mobile numbers for getting updates on your lost mobiles. You can also turn on or turn off the GPS tracking with the help of an sms.When a different sim is inserted, it spells out the beep or siren and it automatically locks which can only be unlocked with the help of the password which you have set initially.

This phone also boasts operator specific location information like GPS coordinates and when asked for tracking you can get information like number of sim, IMSI, cell id where the phone currently is with a detailed sms report right into your alternate mobile number which you have mentioned at the time of initial registration.

This software is free to try for a limited period of 5 days but can be purchased for a small amount of around 13 $ from This phone supports Symbian Feature pack 3 mobile phones.

The trial version of the software is limited for 5 days. The full version of the software is obtained by a license code provided upon purchase. The license code is based on the unique IMEI provided and the application can be used exclusively on the device it is licensed for. The license cannot be retrieved and applied to other devices.

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