What is CDMA

Published by Amit Bhawani on September 5, 2015 – 5:27 pm3 Comments

When it comes to mobiles, there may be no one who may not be aware of the name GSM. GSM is one of the mobile communication standards that are used these days. However, it is essential to mention that it is one of the most widely used standards. However, there are some other names as well which are really competing to carve a place of their own pertaining to mobile communication. CDMA is another network technology that is really endeavoring to give its best to all of the mobile users. CDMA is the short form of Code Division Multiple Access.

CDMA is designed by a company named as Qualcomm which is located in the United States. That’s the basic difference between GSM and CDMA as GSM is an international organization while CDMA is a company offering their own designed mobile communication standard. Although, GSM is the most popular mobile communication standard, but, CDMA is gaining momentum with the passage of time. Also, in most parts of North America, people are widely using CDMA as mobile network. So, it is, actually, trying to compete with GSM and really striving hard to make a name for itself. It is because of these efforts and quality standards that it can, now, be seen in some parts of Asia as well where GSM is quite strongly based.

In terms of CDMA based digital cellular standard, IS-95 is considered to be the first of its kind. IS-95 is the abbreviation of Interim Standard 95 which is also known as TIA-EIA-95. When it comes to telecommunication, you can experience two types of access method. One is known as channel access method and the other is known as multiple access method. IS-95 is the 2nd generation mobile communication standard and it is based on CDMA technology which uses multiple access method. It is one of the features of this CDMA based mobile communication standard which is responsible for better services in terms of signaling and voice transference.

However, CDMA2000 is another mobile communication standard which is based on CDMA system and it is getting really popular because of its better data transfer speed. Today, people are actually using mobile phones for more than just making calls and that is one of the reasons that data transfer speed is essential. CDMA2000 is considered as a hybrid 2.5G / 3G technology because of which it is supposed to work better than GSM.

There is one thing that is not entirely attractive for the user of CDMA enabled phones. Proprietary handsets are to be used in US which means that when they change the mobile, they will have to reactivate their new mobiles. It certainly goes against CDMA as GSM standard comes with SIM cards which offer a better usability. Also, it is obvious that GSM is the best choice in terms of international roaming because of larger networks. So, it can easily be deduced that CDMA technology is really getting appreciated in most parts of the world, but, it will have to work a lot to come to the standards of GSM.

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