What is Central Equipment Identity Register?

Published by Amit Bhawani on August 30, 2015 – 10:03 am14 Comments

There is an overwhelming figure about the people who are using mobile phones. People are taking mobiles as an integral part of their lives. There are so many people who believe that a mobile is the best thing that technology has provided them. There are lots of reasons behind all these statements. Because of the overwhelming advantages associated with mobile phones, all of the people are looking to avail an opportunity to get a mobile for them. However, there are lots of threats that are associated with mobiles and one such threat is about its theft. People are really frustrated because of the mobile theft as it is the easiest thing that a thief can ask for. However, there is one thing that you must always keep in mind which may help you in these types of situation. You must remember that you IMEI number can help you to lock your phone because of which no one else will be able to use your mobile. There is an entire system that is devoted to these types of incidents. Central Equipment Identity Register is one such database where all of the numbers can be found which are related to criminal activities.

When you will report an IMEI number to your service provider, they will enter that number in their Central Equipment Identity Register. Once an IMEI will be on the Central Equipment Identity Register, you mobile will not work which means that it will be useless for other persons. Also, it is essential to mention that IMEI number is different as compared to SIM. People think that changing the SIM will help them to use a mobile. However, if IMEI number may be listed on Central Equipment Identity Register, you will never be able to use that mobile even if you will change the SIM. Also, there is another worth mentioning thing which about the presence of central system for network operators. Because of this central system, individual network operators share their list of blacklisted IMEI numbers with other network operators that make it almost impossible to use to mobile with other networks.

Surely, there are lots of benefits that IMEI numbers has on offer. However, there are lots of things that make this concept less effective. Although, it is supposed that when an IMEI number is listed in Central Equipment Identity Register, it will be unusable, but, that may not be a case in real world. It implies the fact that there are certain tools and ways that can be used to change an IMEI number. So, when the number will be changed, Central Equipment Identity Register will be of no use. Also, there are few individual operators who don’t put much attention in terms of blocking those mobiles with blacklisted IMEI numbers. So, all these things are actually hindering the success associated with Central Equipment Identity Register. It emphasizes the fact that there should be something else to deal with the issues related to mobile security.

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