What is GSM Standard

Published by Amit Bhawani on August 9, 2015 – 4:07 pmOne Comment

There was a time when people were totally unaware of things that would help them to lead a better life. However, things have really changed considerably and you can find some amazing things that can fascinate everyone. Mobile phones are certainly one of those things that have really become the need of the hour. There are lots of people who can not think to live without their mobiles. However, a mobile phone can do nothing without the mobile communication standard.

With the popularity of mobiles, there are quite a few communication standards that are endeavoring to give the best services to their users. GSM standard is one such standard which is fast becoming popular. It is obligatory to mention that GSM is the short from of Global System for Mobile communications. There are lots of people who are acknowledging the work done by GSM standard. It is obligatory to mention that GSM standard is promoted by GSM Association which represents several mobile phone operators across the world. By giving consistent performances, GSM standard has become the most popular mobile standard and things are to get even better in near future.

GSM, basically, is a cellular network which consists of radio cells and mobile phones get connected to this network by locating these cells. Another thing about GSM is about its range. There are different GSM networks with different frequency ranges which can be varying from country to country. 900 MHz or 1800 MHz bands are most common, but, they are variable as they can go to 850 MHz and 1900 MHz. Along with this frequency range, transmission power of different handsets can also be varying. Apart from these things, GSM networks can have different cell sizes as well, i.e. macro, micro, pico, femto and umbrella cells. All these sells differ in terms of area that they cover. Besides all these basic things, there are so many things that are combined to form a GSM network. Subscriber Identity Module which is commonly known as SIM card is one of the basic feature of GSM standard.

There are lots of things that are getting better with the introduction of GSM standard. For instance, because of the availability of this standard in lots of countries, it has really become so easy to talk in those countries as international roaming is not a problem anymore. That’s one of the best advantages that people are getting from this mobile communication standard. However, that certainly isn’t the only thing that is associated with GSM standard as there are so many things that separate this mobile communication standard from its predecessors. Data communication has really improved in this mobile communication standard as the speech channels and signaling is digital which implies that users will be getting the best service.

Suffice is to say that GSM standard is to get even sophisticated in coming years. There has been a constant evolution in this mobile communication standard which probably will go on to provide people with the best services.

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